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Hi, Welcome to my tennis videos site. I have over two thousand tennis matches on video for sale.

The tennis videos go back over the last 35 years or more and include some of the all time classic tennis matches. I only have women's tennis matches on video.

Players include Steffi Graf, Maria Sharapova, Anna Kournikova, Martina Hingis, Serena Williams,
Venus Williams, Justine Henin, Monica Seles, Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova and many more.

This site is regularly updated with additional matches
(new matches added 18 September 2012)

The Tennis videos are available in PAL format and also NTSC format.
Check out the 'FAQS' page if you are unclear about the format you need for your
video player. Then go to item number 5.

Details of how to pay and my contact details are on 'How To Pay' page.
Details of prices are on the 'Prices' page.

I can also put matches onto DVD. Click  here for DVD details

You can find details of all matches already on DVD at the Tennis DVDs website

 Please read the 'Prices', 'How To Pay' and the 'FAQs'
pages before you email me. It will save a lot of time
If you still have any questions then
click here to email me 


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1989 to 1990 tennis videos

1991 to 1992 tennis videos

1993 to 1994 tennis videos

1995 to 1996 tennis videos

1997 to 1998 tennis videos

1999 to 2000 tennis videos

2001 to 2002 tennis videos

2003 to 2004 tennis videos

2005 to 2006 tennis videos

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